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Byzantino Jewelry first established business in 1987. The two owners, Kostas and Babis decided it was time to show the world their expertise and talent, but mostly their love for these ancient pieces of jewellery they have been admiring in books and museums. This love for ancient Hellenic civilization and especially the way it was represented by jewels, pushed them to start creating reproductions of ancient Hellenic jewels. This way, they discovered the talent and passion of ancient masters who created admirable objects of art unsurpassed until today.

Along with their experience and inspirations from various sources, in their belief that Jewels are not simply to be possessed by their admirers' but to also be worn and enjoyed, Kostas and Babis started to create new pieces by adapting to the demands of fashion but always crafted using the traditional techniques and showing the same respect and passion for there art.

Since 1987 "BYZANTINO" Jewelry has been located in Plaka on 120 Adrianou street.
Plaka is the Old neighborhood in Athens just under the Parthenon. Although inspired by Ancient works there passion for the art of Jewelry could not be limited to one type only and for this reason in 2002, Kostas and Babis create a space where jewellery from past as well as modern pieces could be presented at the same time. Something like a modern and ancient art museum where everybody can see the timeless progress of jewellery.

The second BYZANTINO is located in the old market,moments away from the first shop, on 17 Pandrosou street., where Kostas and Babis and all the staff await your visit so that you may be guided pleasantly into the past, present and the future of jewellery.